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American Apparel loses bid for 988 Valencia

February 9, 2009


The SF Bay Guardian reports on AA’s defeat by community activists. Though the leftish Guardian (which receives ad revenue from AA) fails to cover the many legitimate complaints against the company, they do a better job than the local press, which responds with snark and indifference.


Six good reasons to oppose an American Apparel outlet at 988 Valencia Street

February 5, 2009
"Legalize Valencia"-- an AA flyer conflates its bid for retail space with immigrant rights movement.

1) An American Apparel store is likely to further drive up the cost of commercial rental space on Valencia Street. If it needs more space, American Apparel may also look to acquire neighboring properties.

2) American Apparel will likely post its “provocative” ads and billboards on the property and in the surrounding neighborhood, further polluting the visual environment of the Mission District.

3) American Apparel has a well-documented history of union-busting.

4) American Apparel has a well-documented organizational culture of sexual harassment.

5) American Apparel is not a grassroots member of the community. It specializes in astroturfing— a disingenuous marketing tactic favored by late capitalist enterprise. This includes trying to co-opt potential critics, branding social movements and making fake blogs supporting its embattled CEO. For possible recent examples of “astroturfing,” check out the flyer above and the bizarre video below. Dov Charney also subscribes to the “48 Laws of Power” whose author Robert Greene, sits on AA’s board.

6) American Apparel is currently being investigated by the SEC, just laid off hundreds of workers and may be going bankrupt.

Meet Matthew

February 5, 2009



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Provocative Ads!

February 5, 2009


More Provocative Ads!

February 5, 2009




Chain, chain, chain…

February 5, 2009




Meet Dov.

February 5, 2009


Sources: American Apparel’s “Apres Ski” ad featuring CEO Charney in bed with an employee.

Charney quoted in an interview with the McGill Daily.

Playing dumb…

February 5, 2009

A quiz on AA’s rhetorical tactics

February 5, 2009

If you criticize American Apparel, you will probably be called…

a) A feminist

b) A puritan

c) Anti-semitic

d) Anti-sex

e) Hipper-than-thou

f) Pro-sweatshop

g) Old

h) Muslim


j) All of the above

Answer: J. Whatever gets the job done!